This blog post was supposed to be about experiencing EPIC Commission, but really, when you’re a part of EC you experience Jesus. This year, I have experienced a touch from the Lord more times than I can count. I am not from Kalamazoo, and before I started interning at Valley Family Church I did not know about EPIC Commission. From the outside, I saw a community of young people who were Christians, and it was very encouraging to see my peers wanting more of Jesus. After being in EC for almost two years, I have found it to be so much more.

Through EPIC Commission, I have experienced real authentic friendships. Within the EC brotherhood, I have been held accountable, cared for, and I have seen the love of Jesus. The people I met through EC have changed my life, and my spiritual walk. There have been times I have been up late laughing until my sides hurt, and also times where I have experienced deep, intimate conversations. I have literally experienced Jesus through my friends, and they will be my friends long after I graduate the program.

In EPIC Commission, I have experienced actual spiritual growth. EC has given me all the tools I need to grow in my knowledge of the word. I have been raised in the church my whole life, and have been in more church services than I can count. However, I can say that I have grown more in two years than I have the span of my life with the help of EC. I realized after my first year what I can really gain from the program when I have the desire to receive. That has been the difference for me. I have really begun to passionately desire the things of God, and EC has been like fuel on the fire.

EPIC Commission is an amazing experience, and one that I highly recommend to anyone that is passionate about a relationship with God. Saying you need to experience EC seems like I’m implying it’s good tool for 18 to 24-year-olds. However, EC sets you up to succeed throughout your entire life, in every area. So to say you only need to experience EC actually lessens the impression that it has had on my life. I am looking forward to using the things I have learned, and continually cultivating the relationships that I received while in the program.

I pray that as you read this, you hear my heart. I truly have been changed through EC. I honestly came into this program looking for friends, but what I received is something more valuable than that. I have truly experienced a friendship with Jesus, and my life has been forever changed. If you have a desire to experience Jesus in ways you have never experienced before, I implore you to look into experiencing EC.

Tyler Tempco
First Year Student