get excited!


With the first of the three months of Summer ’16 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to start building anticipation and getting excited for the upcoming fall! For those of us gearing up for what God has in store in Kalamazoo through EC this year, it’s time to GET EXCITED because God is going to work miracles in and through us.

After completing one year of EC, there are so many things that I am ecstatic about getting to indulge in once again. EC is the most incredible life experience you could possibly go through during your 18-24 years. Let the excitement build and gear up for these listed reasons to come into fruition within your own life!


EC is intentional in making sure that your relationships with people are not only strong but also edifying. The friendships that you will make within the EC family are going to become the most important friendships that you have ever had. It does not matter if you have never had any great friendships or you have incredible friends back home, the relationships within EC are unique.

Growing up in our generation, most of our friendships are seasonal and are conditional. Once you leave for college or once you devote your life to the Lord, your “friends” may no longer be your friends. As unfortunate as it is, how fortunate are we as EC students to get to embark on relationships with people who are passionately following Jesus and on their journey with Him alongside each other.


In this day and age, many young people are going into college to get a degree in a field they aren’t passionate about and confusing a distraction with a calling. Your calling is given to you by God and you have to seek His heart in order to have that calling be revealed. This is something that not many Millennials know how to do; thankfully at EC, we are coached on how to figure out our unique callings!

Finding your calling will bring passion out of you and bring true joy into your life. If you are lacking joy or feeling like you are wandering aimlessly without any direction, then EC is waiting for your application. We want to see you find your purpose and start living passionately!


EC is a ministry of one of the greatest churches in the Midwest. I lived on the east side of Michigan up until the beginning of the 2015 school year when I moved to Kalamazoo. I knew next to nothing about Valley Family Church other than it was big and there are 30 other college age students who are passionately chasing their callings alongside each other.

VFC understands that everyone is gifted differently and passionate about different things. VFC is also a church that respects age and loves to bring in young adults who are passionate about Jesus. There are so many different divisions within this church so no matter what you are passionate about, you will be able to get plugged in and start apprenticing under a division that you are interested in!

So as I look ahead to this next school year and all that God is preparing to do, I can’t help but get excited! Whether it’s running relentlessly alongside a group of fellow world changers, finding out the next step in our journey, or being apart of a dynamic movement of God in Southwest Michigan, there’s so much that will unfold in the months to come and what an honor it is to have the opportunity to be apart of it all!



Jack Pies
2nd Year EC Student