4 Things to do in the first 2 months 


EC is all about learning and growing. But how you start your year will set the tone for how your whole year goes. Your first two months are crucial. This is when you are learning what your roommates are like and finding out a good schedule for you. 
Here are some of my top tips to help you and your roommates settle in and learn about everyone a little bit faster.

1. Spend time with each other

If you make this habit during launch week and the few weeks after, before college starts for some of us, it will make it easier and feel more natural to make time for each other later in the year. Create a tradition, decorate your apartment together, have a sleepover in the living room, or whatever else you can think of. Doing these things will help create that unbreakable bond that you will need throughout the year.

2. Make a tradition

This was one thing that my apartment did Taco Nights! It all started with the infamous spaghetti tacos from iCarly. Then we tried mac and cheese tacos, breakfast tacos, and we attempted desert tacos but those didn’t work out quite how we thought (but they were delicious)! This is something we started to do every single house party, we all had an ingredient to bring and we always had so much fun! We, also, would all come into my roommates and mine’s room to watch Disney movies (specifically HSM) and sit on our bed while watching it on my large computer monitor. We were notorious for acting like children, hence our name Neverland.

3. Respect each other

This may seem obvious but I feel like I still need to mention it. You will have to compromise on things, just get over it. Whether you have to deal with your roommate doing homework late (or early), or your roommate always having friends over. If it really causes problems talk to them, but in those sort of cases sometimes you just have to deal with it because you are living with other people.

4. Create a routine

For me, I figured out my routine too late in the game (like second semester…). If I would have created a routine for my school days, it would have made everything much easier. EC days are super easy to make a routine for since you are all going to the same place at around the same time. Also if you have a schedule that you generally stick to, then your roommate will know the times when you will be in the bathroom, making breakfast in the kitchen, doing your devo time, etc. 

Now go enjoy the last few weeks before move-in! Dive into your word and get to know your potential roommate, housemates, core-group members, and so on.


Abby Evans
2nd Year EC Student