how to cook like an adult (because we are)


Hey everyone!  I hope summer has been treating you the same way it has been treating me: awesomely!  Summer is full of luxuries: no school, long days filled with sun, days spent with friends, and meals with the family that you don’t have to make.  But come school time, and with it the starting of EC, I know that more than a few of us will be living on our own for the first time, which holds a lot of fun.  One of the best things about living on your own is getting to choose what you eat, which seems easy when looking at it as something that will happen in the future.  

I’m here to tell you the future is now, and knowing how to cook and feed yourself is probably one of the most difficult and important things you need to learn to do for yourself.  So, without further adieu, here are a few helpful food tips that I have learned over the course of living on my own for a year.

1. Make A List!

Lists are going to be your best friend.  Literally.  Get that cheesy magnetic notepad and stick it on the refrigerator door so it’s in your face every time you go into the kitchen.  Make lists for everything pertaining to food, because it allows you to see what your meals for the week are going to be.  Write down a list of the meals you know you can make for yourself and what you like, and assign a meal per day.  Meals like lasagna and stew are going to be your best friends because they can be frozen because they make large amounts.  Lists are also great for the grocery store because you can go and know exactly what you need instead of wandering the aisles without purpose.

2. Don’t Go on an Empty Stomach!

NEVER go to the grocery store hungry.  You go to Meijer hungry and you’re going to leave with three things of Pringles and about one or two things of your favorite candy and I will tell you right now, you can only eat so many Pringles before you get tired of them.  I promise.  I know.

3. Frozen is Easy, but Fresh is Best!  

I know how easy it is to go to the frozen aisle in the grocery store and load up on five hundred frozen meals and veggies and all that jazz and say “This is good!”.  Also, don’t get me wrong because frozen meals are super helpful but at the same time, it’s always better to eat fresh.  A lot of the time frozen food, especially frozen veggies, have a lot less of the proteins and healthy junk that fresh food has.  Learn what veggies are in season in your area and buy those.  If none of what you like is fresh, frozen is second best!  Avoid canned veggies because those are soaked in preservatives and a lot of the vitamins that you can get from them have been worn down and don’t benefit you anymore!  Go Fresh!!!

There is a ton more stuff that I could go on about when it comes to food and learning how to take care of yourself when Mom isn’t readily available to make you a nice home cooked meal.  Trust me when I say that learning how to cook is the best thing you can do for yourself in the long run.  If you have any other questions, I am more than willing to help and answer as much as I can.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and know that your best times are just around the corner!

Much love,

Alexis Koperdak
2nd Year EC Student