Opening scene. The setting unravels. Characters come into sight, I become close with them. There are internal conflicts, moments of truth, and a long-lasting rising action followed immediately by climax. The resolution is coming soon, followed by a powerful conclusion where everything is in hindsight. Then the screen turns to black, and before I know it, even though it seems as if the film just started, I see the end credits flash before my eyes repeatedly. The film is over. Now it’s time for the critics to have their say about what happened.

            This year, in hindsight, seems to be just a film, ready for critics to tear it apart scene by scene. As soon as I felt I was in the groove of this year, it was coming to an end. But just like a film, this year had it’s introduction, settings, character development, rising action, climax, resolution, and an upcoming conclusion. I feel it best to look back on the year behind me.

            At the beginning of the year, introductions were made, a new home setting was made, and everything was unknown. Then came the character development, following this was some intense learning and growing. Coming next is the climax; one of the most important parts of our story. This is the moment where you decide what you are really going to get out of the year you are in. You make that life changing decision to fully apply yourself to your studies, or to your passions, or to practice your skills more. Maybe you attend an event that reignites the motivation and fire inside of you. Whatever it is, it’s important to the story of your year or season. Next comes the resolution, where you begin to see the fruit from your decision at the climax, and begin to see things changing. It’s where you start to think about the end, and what might come after. Finally comes the conclusion of your story, or the end of your season/year. This is one of the most inevitable parts of your season, no matter what, it is going to end.

            The conclusion is coming for many of you in your respective seasons, maybe it’s the first couple, or last years of college, maybe it’s the long awaited finale of your high school years, maybe you’re transitioning into a new job, or a new city. Maybe you are actually at your climax, or turning point and this blog post can be the ignition for the motivation to make the rest of your story the best! The end credits are coming soon, and with it, all of your accomplishments and newly earned knowledge will be shown. What will your end credits say? WHATEVER point you’re at in your story, whether introduction, climax, or conclusion, my questions for you are these:


What will your end credits say?

What do you want to get out of this season?

What did you get out of this season?

What can you change in this ‘climax’ period to better enjoy the rest of your season?

What have you learned in this season, that will change the way you approach the next?

Who do you want to be by the end of this/ the next season?


            Take a pencil and some paper, write down each of these questions, and then record your answers on the page as well. Hang it up, and constantly check it to see how you are doing in the future tense areas, and to remind of you of what you learned in the seasons prior.

            I hope that this blog serves as a good ignition for your intro to new seasons, inspiration for your turning point, or peace that this season was worth it. There is a plan for you here, and I wish you all the best.

Until next time,


Andrew Coryell

1st Year Student Blogger