Tonight, the EPIC Commission. Students load into 4 huge vans and embark on a 24 hour rod trip to PCB. We're all probably scurrying around, attempting to not forget anything, to finish Valley University assignment, squeeze in a power nap. I know, I've been there. But today I'm attempting, to take my eyes off the right now and the me, and to put my eyes on them. The people were going to minister to. The people who so desperately need an interaction with the Savior.

Luke 19:10 says "For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost." And this week I've really been focusing on that. The fact that Jesus came to SEEK the lost, He literally seeked them out among many people. We must be the ones who seek. Because of one person who knew the Lord, seeking me & being incredibly bold - I now know Him. The Gospel set me free, Jesus blood redeemed me and the goodness of God led me to repentance. It released me to KNOW Him and do what He asks... To go to the lost and love them and share of His riches and glories and goodness.

Last year as I walked the strip, redemption was all I could think about. Redemption from the life I was once living. And then, the moments of redemption that would take place on that very strip, in vans and at breakfast tables, on sidewalks and beaches and benches. Redemption that was happening because God loves to see His people set free and come into relationship with Him. Moments of conversation and interactions where people were hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Where they were learning that the darkness they currently lived in, didn’t have to be permanent - and in fact with Jesus, darkness cannot even exist.

This morning, as we prepare to leave, my spirit is so excited for all that our sweet Jesus will do in Panama City Beach this upcoming week. EPIC Commission students, prepare prayerfully today, be expectant and prepared in every moment to see all that God will do. And friends, please pray for the EC students and Pastors Eric and Erica. Pray for divine appointments and interactions, that we would be filled to the overflow and ready to minister, and that God would use us mightily for His Kingdom.

Madeline Murphy

2nd Year Student Blogger