My faith was stretched, me dependence on God was pushed to the max, and all my hope was in Him. We hadn’t even left yet. I was pumped about this mission trip to Panama City Beach, I was so prepared (at least I thought I was) for this trip. All of my fears for finances were drowned in faith, and with that, they were taken care of, and the money I needed came in abundantly.

We had left for the trip. We were driving. We were leaving the state. We were passing through other states. We were praying. We were sleeping. We were worshiping. We were laughing. We had arrived.

We dove right into ministry. I found myself in the middle of some of the greatest and most challenging conversations I’ve ever had. This ministry was tough, but every single person I met, and every single conversation I had with young adults, was so purposeful. I could tell that God was guiding my steps, and setting up divine encounters. I could see so much fruit from every conversation, if it ended in prayer, salvation, re-dedication, or even just a better understanding of the gospel, and seeds planted! With all of this exciting victory happening, I got very eager, and began taking the lead instead of letting the Holy Spirit guide my steps and take me where He wanted me to go.    

I would get so excited and begin jumping the gun, acting before asking, and seeking my own feelings above seeking His calling. Every time this would happen I would just feel the word patience pressed on my heart. It was so difficult. How could I be patient when people are down here being overly destructive with their lives and seeking out evil things, and being put in danger? There was no time for patience, there was no time to sit back and let God do some of the work that I physically couldn’t. They would understand, eventually, why I was so eager, and in their face about it. Patience.

I began to seek the Lord about why I felt like I was doing something wrong. He told me exactly what I need to hear, and also exactly what I didn’t want to hear.

Patience. Call on Me. Seek Me. I Am.

I realized what I needed to do, and I began to do it. My conversations became so much more fruitful, and God filled. I was having truly Spirit-lead conversations.

I feel like so often in our everyday lives we can get amped up, super stoked, and excited about things, and totally forget to seek God about it. When He’s the Writer, the Author, the Finisher of our faith. He gives us this empty book when He calls us places, and He want’s to write a beautifully crafted story in it about us; involving us helping others; and loving people. Yet, we are so quick to grab the pencil, and start writing it ourselves.

In reality, if you’re not focused on writing the story and deciding where it goes, or what happens, then you can do a much better job of actually fulfilling what the writing says, and being the characters in the story.

Take time, seek the Lord about all things. Even if it isn’t directly ministry related. I encourage you to let Him lead, because He is an amazing writer, author, artist, and Father. (If you need proof, check out Genesis - Revelation, there are some really good examples on each page.)

What do you need to begin seeking God about more?


Andrew Coryell

1st Year Student Blogger