UpClose Weekend

Up Close weekend. The name says it all. Getting up close and personal to the God whose only desire is for us to come close to Him. Upon hearing of the event, many people think that the sole purpose of the weekend is to show people what Epic Commission is like- and don’t get me wrong, that is a definite purpose of the weekend- but one of the much much bigger purposes of the weekend is to have a major touch point with the Lord! This was my first time ever attending an Up Close weekend, and I’m already an EC student, so I knew there was going to be a God movement in my life, and the lives of the guys that I hosted! Let me tell you- it happened. God totally showed up.

Going into the weekend, I had a lot of unknown things on my heart, and by the end of the weekend, God helped reveal them to me; He came as a divine intervention and showed me the areas of my heart in which I needed to let Him into. While praying at the end of the Saturday night service, there was an altar call, and something about it struck me differently. I’ve been going to church for many years, and it’s been many years since the altar call that changed the direction of my life; but when the call was made, I felt a love come over me, and a liberation. God was trying to get me to remember what I felt like when I let Him into my heart and surrendered to Him for the first time. I was so humbled in the realization that I’ve become so numb to what that Love feels like.

So often we can let everything going on in our lives distract us from the Main Thing; God. We let our jobs, schoolwork, friends, and sometimes even family get in the way of that Main Thing, that main love. One thing I know for sure is that God will always find a way to interrupt you- right where you’re at- to help get you where you need to be.

From the depths of my heart, I urge you; search your heart, pray and seek God, and ask Him which areas you need to fully surrender to Him, which areas you need work on, or even which areas He wants to enhance. God is the biggest console and love in our lives, and He will always come through for you.