Last summer I was in the same boat as you. The boat of polar opposites, the boat of “Yes! Im moving out!” followed by the boat of “Oh, wow!  I’m moving out!” For me, starting my first year of EPIC Commission was the first time out of the house, other than a sleepover at a friends house and it was fun, scary, happy, and sad all at the same time. With all the fears, tears, and “goodbyes” I found myself getting very excited for what was to come. And getting excited is key. If you go into EC with a mindset of “having to be there” or “wishing you were still at home or in high school” you will miss all that there is to experience in this very short two-year program. You may think two years of your life is a long time but you won’t believe just how fast it goes!  This will without a doubt be the best two years of your life and to get the most out of it, you have to get excited and you have to want it. You have to want to grow, you have to want to form relationships and most importantly, you have to want to be there.  

1.You have to want to grow

EPIC Commission is all about growing. You’ll grow spiritually, you’ll grow mentally, you’ll grow relationally, and if you don't watch what you do for Iron Lunches or hit the gym with your housemates, you’ll grow physically. Growing is an exciting time, so get excited! God has more for you than what you even knew was possible, but God has a growing season in store for all of us.

2. You have to want to form relationships

Another thing that EPIC Commission is all about is forming relationships. Forming relationships with other students in your schools that are in the same stage of life as you, forming relationships with housemates and other EC students and forming relationships with the staff of VFC through apprenticeship and volunteering. If I could say one thing, it would be this: GET CLOSE WITH THE EC FAMILY. It is so easy to say I have homework, or I have to go to bed I am tired, etc. but always find time to go out with your EC brothers and sisters. The saying “We are a family” is an understatement. We do everything together. So I encourage you, go on those midnight Taco Bell runs, go grocery shopping together, go stargazing or walk Al Sabo together, go play video games or go to Applebee's together. Don’t pass up those opportunities because those are the times that you will look back on when you get out of EC and remember. Take it from me, I don't necessarily remember every word of ever teaching, but I do remember every detail of every hangout with the EC family. DO STUFF WITH THE FAMILY!

3. You have to want to be excited… ALL YEAR!

GET EXCITED! Over the next nine months, God is going to transform you into someone you never thought that you could become. In my first nine months of EC I saw Him change a “shy Camden” into a talkative and outgoing Camden. I saw Him change a “scared of speaking Camden” into a Camden that speaks once a month in Middle School and at kids camps this summer. I even saw a “not so healthy Camden” be changed into a healthy Camden (we wont talk about the 3 reese's I just ate while writing this). God is about to do so much in your life, in fact, the sky's the limit with God! So hold on tight and GET excited and STAY excited… all year. That's right, all year. It is so easy to be stoked move in day through Christmas break but easy to coast through the dark days of winter and go through the motions just to get to summer… DON'T! Be excited that you don't get as many snow days as you did in High School. Be excited that you get to come to EC two times a week all year. Be excited that you’ll be in the church actively! BE EXCITED from August through May even if you don't understand everything or even fully agree with it,  BE EXCITED!   

I hope this short little blog is inspiring to you and sheds a little light on what to get ready for and get excited for this fall! Welcome to the family, I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you all!

And finally... GET EXCITED!


Camden Pilger

Incoming 2nd Year Student