It’s that time of the year that most people, especially those in the cold regions, tend to dread; February. For most people the “magic” of New Year’s Resolutions have worn off, school has been going on for an eternity and a half, the weather has been dumping endless amounts of snow, and there are no real breaks to be seen in this month. This all piles up and creates what I like to refer to as an attention shift. Our focus moves from one thing to the next and very often ends up on things that occupy our attention with little to no meaningful satisfaction.

This version of “burnout” medicates itself by escaping into excessive indulgence of things that are comforts, whether it be comfort food, Netflix, video games, sleep, or the myriad of things on our smart phones. As we begin to sink time into these things we can find, if we’re honest with ourselves, that there are days where we put more concerted energy into what we are going to wear, how we’ll smell, what our hair will look like, and what stories we will tell than we do to prayer, time in the word, or just enjoy a peaceful period of silence. It’s a simple war between flesh and spirit. One grouping of actions satisfies the flesh and the other the spirit.

My motive behind this is in some sense to call people out, myself included. I’m definitely guilty of spending more time thinking of how much I enjoy sausage, eggs, and cottage cheese in the morning than I should. It’s a simple matter of realizing the vast importance of prioritization. Enjoying a good breakfast, dressing nicely, or doing your hair are all great things, and I encourage them! However, if that habitually takes the place of morning time with the Lord it may be time to wake up a bit earlier so you can spend time with Him before you go on and enjoy those things. It is also important to realize how that need for comfort is actually built into us as a means to seek the Lord! That’s why we can watch hours and hours of Netflix without filling the void, because a square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole; only the Lord can truly fill that spot.

All in all I desire to encourage us all to give it a shot for just a week and see how it feels. I can only imagine that after that week you’ll naturally tender a yearning for that time without a challenge from someone such as myself.


Kevin Stelzer

1st Year Student Blogger