In one of the recent EC class days, one of my friends brought to my attention that there are only a small handful of days in which we have left of this year (since EC days come only twice a week). The mentioning of this sparks so many memories of the past two years, and gets me incredibly excited for what is to come!

In preparation for the future, I have been reflecting on these past two years. Specifically what It was that brought me to do the first year EC, and why the same things led me to do the second year of the program. I want to share three laws from John Maxwell's book “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” that helped aid in a very important decision in my life. If you are facing any type of change, now or in the future, consider focusing on these three things.

1 - (Seek a good environment)  The Law of Environment : Growth thrives in conductive surroundings!

I cannot put enough emphasis on how important it is that you find the right environment to be in! Simply put, it can make it or break it. You are a bi-product of the people you surround yourself with. According to research by social psychologist Dr. David McClelland of Harvard, the people with whom you habitually associate are called your “reference group” and these people determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life. So make sure you surround yourself with the right friends and leaders that are going to call you up, and help you grow! Here is a small checklist to gauge your current environment, or evaluate where your anticipated environment is at!

  • Is the environment a place where others are ahead of you?

  • Is the environment a place where you are continually challenged?

  • Is it a place where your focus is totally forward?

  • Is it a place where the atmosphere is affirming?

  • is it a place where you wake up excited?

  • is it a place where failure isnt your enemy?

  • is it a place where others are growing?

2 - (Seek good leadership)  The law of Modeling : Its Hard to Improve When You Have No One but Yourself to Follow

If you want to become the better leader that you desire to be, and believe that God has created you to become, you need to find models who are ahead of you to learn from. Here are some things to keep in mind when seeking leadership.

  • A good mentor is a worthy example - we become like the people we admire and the models we follow.

  • A good mentor has proven experience - As a Chinese proverb says, “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

  • A good mentor possesses wisdom - They help us to see opportunities we would otherwise miss. They make us wiser than our years and experience.

  • A good mentor provides friendship and support - Knowledge without support is sterile. Advice without friendship feels cold.

3 - (Seek a place where you add value)  The law of Contribution : Growing yourself enables you to grow others

When seeking answers on what to do next, don’t only ask “what can I get out of this?” but also ask yourself “what can I do for others?” You cannot give what you do not have. But if you work to learn something, you have the ability to pass it on to others. I find it extremely valuable to be in a program that allows you to be filled up, and gives you the opportunity to pour out. Being in an environment that you can contribute to creates an enormous potential for growth! It stretches you, and teaches you to live generously and selflessly!

When looking at these three laws, I consider myself extremely blessed to be in a program that falls on the right side of each of these principles. The environment is affirming, and stimulating! The leadership is full of wisdom, passion, and experience! And the opportunity to contribute occurs on a daily basis. Needless to say, God has placed me I'm a program that makes growing nearly effortless, and these past two years set the bar very high for what is next! If you are facing change, or need to make a decision, consider these three steps on environment, leadership, and contribution!


God bless,


Eric Stelzer

2nd Year Student Blogger