This title could be a bit misleading, I don’t mean that you should start eating a ton more iron in your lunches, but I do think you need a little iron in your lunch. Every Thursday during lunch, I have something called iron lunch. Well, actually every EPIC Commission student does. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the program. It’s a chance to sit down and have a one on one meal with someone. But it’s so much more than just lunch and conversation. It’s a place shaped and purposed specifically to sharpen each other, and to be honest, to feel utterly safe within the conversation, because you have built that type of friendship. It’s a friendship with certain expectations. A relationship with a “you push me, and I’ll push you” type of mentality. It’s called iron lunch, because Proverbs 27:17 says “As Iron sharpens iron, so as one person sharpens another.”

We are all weak. We all struggle with temptations of this world. We all hurt. We all have questions. We all need a place where honesty and grace and love and encouragement abound. Every single one of us needs someone who we can look to and always know that they will be there to push us harder, deeper, further - into the word, Jesus’ arms, or straight to His feet. This is what iron lunch is for.

When 2 pieces of iron are rubbed together, they become sharper and more defined. When the pieces of iron are sharper, they become more effective. When my iron lunch buddy sharpens me, and I her - we are both being made more effective for the Kingdom. Say you have 4 iron knives, 2 are sharp, and 2 are dull - you would choose to use the 2 sharp ones for the task at hand, right? Well likewise, we want to be sharp and ready so that God will choose to use us in any given situation. Iron lunch is the perfect opportunity to be the “prepared knife in the drawer” if you will.

Iron lunch, is just the beginning. The launch pad to creating incredible and meaningful relationships, but also a place to learn how to be sharpened, how to have a teachable spirit, but one that is also not afraid to teach.

So, if you are an EPIC Commission student reading this blog, and your iron lunch isn’t like this, start to press in, and ask the Lord to bless that hour of time you have together every Thursday. And if you are not in EC, find a iron lunch buddy. Or just an iron friend for that matter. It’s worth it. All the things the Lord will do through that friendship is absolutely worth it.

Peace & love ya’ll

Madeline Murphy

Second Year EPIC Commission Student Blogger