If your weekend was anything like ours, you're still tired from the nonstop, fun packed, two day extravaganza that we like to call UpClose. This years UpClose was full of great friends, Core Group snowman building contests (we lit ours on fire, and WON obviously,) vicious broomball, ice skating and spiritual growth that will affect a lifetime. If you were at UpClose, whether you be a current EC student, incoming EC student, thinking about applying or just went for the ride, here are 4 things to remember from UpClose this year:

1. The people you met were awesome

Whether it was your host, someone in your Core a Group or your roommate for the weekend, you probably connected with someone super awesome. It's easy to walk away from UpClose and leave the friendships you made behind - don't! Text that guy or gal that was super chill/the funniest/could've been your twin at birth/new best friend and keep the friendship going! The friends you make centered around Christ are the friends that last. And for you incoming EC students, the people you met this weekend are potentials for your incoming class. Get to know them, you won't be sorry!

2. Remember what the Lord spoke

Whether you heard from the Lord during prayer, Pastor Eric's Heart to Heart or a conversation back at the condos, the Lord brought you to UpClose to draw near to Him, and what He said is important! If you got direction, encouragement, correction or vision this weekend, know that the same Spirit that was at UpClose is still leading and guiding you today. So whatever it is, believe that God will do it. Don't get caught up in thinking the excitement of the weekend is a product of what you heard, know that the Holy Spirit spoke and wants you to make that Now is Time decision in whatever area of your life He spoke to!

3. Reflect on your next steps

Did you walk away thinking you're ready to do EC? Are you still wondering if EC is for you or not for you? If it's not, that's okay! We are so happy that you could come to UpClose to get refreshed with the Lord. If it is, we're excited for you! Reach out to us about any questions you have, it's what we're here for!

4. Come to RUSH weekend!

If you had an awesome time this weekend and would like to experience EC in a similar style, come to RUSH Weekend on May 3-4. It'll be a fun packed weekend and we'd be happy to have you back! If you're reading this and didn't make it out to UpClose, please - COME TO RUSH IT WON'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!!!

It was a blast getting to know you all. Sleep well & rock on,


Margot Champagne

2nd year blogger