It may be hard to believe, but 2015 is moving fast, and January is nearly over! Now seems like a prime time to assess the progress you may or may not be making towards those new years resolutions you declared almost a month ago! It could be a touchy subject, but I personally find January to be one of the most crowded, and stressful times to be a member of a gym. It seems as though every person in America decides to strive toward physical fitness, in hopes of creating or cultivating the healthy lifestyle that they have always dreamed of! I will admit that this is a great goal to have, and the energy, and motivation of the new members is inspiring, but there is a sad statistic that follows this resolution year after year. Studies have found that out of all the resolutions recorded, only 8% of that population achieve success in that desired area! It is a staggering statistic that explains why the January gym rush tends to only last one to three months. Now, not all of these goals are fitness oriented, but health and wellness consistently takes the top of the list every year, so maybe you could relate!

Whatever it looks like, most all of us set goals for ourselves, and seek to transform our lives in a positive way. I want to offer one way to help you achieve that goal of yours, and you can apply it into your life immediately! One of the freedoms we have in life is our ability to chose. Our choice, however, affects where we go, what we do, and it ultimately determines the outcome, and end result. Thankfully we can design our environment around us to promote better choices, and better habits! Our environment has an extremely powerful effect on our actions. If you sit in a room with a remote next to a T.V, you will be likely to watch T.V. If you walk into the kitchen and someone made a batch of cookies, you’re probably going to eat one! It is the way environmental cues work! The cool thing about knowing this, is that we have the ability to hack our environment to promote good behaviors! One practical example of how to do so is by laying out your gym clothes before you go to school or work, so that when you get back you don’t have to do so, and the environmental cue primes you to go to the gym! Decisions like these cut down on the use of willpower and motivation, making the decision you know you should do as easy as possible!

So if hacking your environment can play such a significant role in what choice you will make, how could you use that to impact your life in a positive and practical way? How much more do you think you would read your bible if your desk was consistently clean, and it was always on the top!? How much more would you floss if you kept the floss right next to your toothbrush? How much more productive would you be if the T.V remote wasn’t so easily accessible?

I invite you to take this info, and apply it to your life however you see fit! As a christian who is striving towards excellence, how can you prime your environment for success? I hope that you are staying disciplined towards your goals, but I want to remind you that only 8% of people accomplish them. Make sure you claim your spot within that 8% this year! Envision yourself living the way you want to live, and doing the things you want to be doing! I believe you will make your goals become a reality, and I hope that this environmental hack helps you get there!

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12


Eric Stelzer

2nd Year Student Blogger