“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new..”
2 Corinthians 5:17

First off, I hope you all had a very blessed and Merry Christmas full of quality time spent with family and friends! I love the holiday season, and will gladly continue to soak it up over the next few days, which brings me to my second point! Can you believe 2015 is right around the corner?!? I’m so excited to see what the new year has in store for the church at large, and each of you as individuals. As the popular optimist Joel Osteen would probably say, I am believing that 2015 will be the best year yet! It certainly is what we make, and confess of it!

December is typically such a great time to reflect on the past year, and recall some of the most substantial memories of, in this case, 2014. All of the vacations, weddings, achievements, and celebrations that made an impact on your life in some way, shape, or form. Not only do we get to think all of the great things that happened in the natural, but we also get to chance to recall all that God has done for in the supernatural. What He has brought us through. What He has taught us. How He has used us to impact others. And How He has used others to impact us. All of these instances in some way led to transformation of the heart, and hopefully took your relationship with God to a deeper and more intimate place.

I annually spend a few solid days in December each year reflecting on these things listed above. I go month by month in chronological order, documenting the natural, and supernatural things that happened that year. This time however, it was different. During my days of reflection, I experienced something that made me recall my first encounter with Jesus, and the emotional, supernatural, and violent grace, that radically changed my life for eternity. The other day, I was in the right place at the right time, and witnessed what it was like as an entire family was impacted by the love of Christ for the first time. I watched each of them, as they were broken into thousands of pieces. The beautiful mess that was formed as their old life was torn from them, exposing their naked soul in the midst of complete surrender as they stepped out of the darkness, and into the light. The saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

While exiting the year of 2014, I want to encourage you to reflect on the past. Specifically all the goodness that the Lord has done throughout the year! Praise Him for these good things that He has done in your life, and in the lives of others! I also invite you, upon entering the New Year of 2015 to consider the fact that YOU are a NEW creation in Him, and that you have an unlimited potential to bring the life and truth of Jesus to a crazy amount of people this year! Remember that there are those unfortunately who do not know Him, and are currently walking in the darkness. It is vital that you use 2015 to show them the light that will bring them from death to life, and old to new! Lets make the New Year the best one yet!

God Bless,

Eric Stelzer
2nd Year Student Blogger