Nikki Real There is A LOT of change that happens during your transition into EPIC Commission.

You move out of somewhere and into a completely new house. You’re suddenly living and spending tons of time with 40 people you don’t quite know. You have to buy groceries, share a bathroom, and do your own laundry. And in the middle of all that you’re taking Bible classes, EC classes, apprenticing, working and taking college classes.

It’s really easy to get caught up worrying about it all before you move in, and when you finally do start EC, to get overwhelmed with how busy life feels all of a sudden. My biggest piece of advice to all of you during that one or two months of intense change and adjustment is to:

Embrace the EC life!

Embrace the change and the people around you and find comfort in the fact that everyone is settling in. Everyone is getting familiar with a new way of life, a new schedule, a new house, and all the new people. You’re not alone in the transition, and we can all learn from each other in the midst of it. Take time to be a little more intentional with your time and money than you have before and be purposeful to learn all you can during this season of change and transition.

Don’t be afraid to ask the 2nd years how they managed their first year, and don’t be afraid to find wisdom and help from other EC students that are strong in places you’re struggling. Seriously, it can all be really stressful and uncomfortable during the first few weeks and months, but it’s also the beginning of an awesome year and knowing that from the start is so important.

So have fun and soak up every moment you can of the crazy life we call EPIC Commission right from the get go because your first year is going to be incredible! Don’t allow worry and stress to steal what God has in store for you!

See you in August, amigos!

Nikki Real