Anna Stephens When I was 18 I met Megan, and I quickly learned that there are two rules to remember when going anywhere with her:

1. Have your swimsuit on you at ALL times. (this rule is unaffected by the weather) 2. You will NEVER be on time

You see, Megan loves taking detours. She loves finding that interesting spot on the side of the road and getting out to explore it. She will take alternate routes to go see a friend or favorite spot, and she is always ready for an adventure. Megan showed me that detours can be more than just a thing that keeps from getting to my next destination exactly when I want to. The detours that she took me on have been some of the most fun and unforgettable experiences of my life, and I am thrilled when she takes a detour to come see me.

There are two reasons to take a detour: 1. To avoid something harmful 2. To experience something amazing

God, as our heavenly Father, loves to take us on detours. He loves taking us on wonderful adventures and showing us amazing things as we travel through life. He also does His best to help us avoid the things in life that will truly cause us harm. We don’t always know why He takes us on detours, how long they will last, or where we will end up, but we can trust Him. It’s our job to simply stay on the path. He will take us to a destination that is far better than any we could have imagined, and He’ll take the time to give us many unforgettable experiences on the way.

Never forget that you are in your season for a reason. It doesn't matter how insignificant it may seem. Nothing is just a means to an end with God, and every experience can be used to make you into who you were meant to be.  Every detour that God takes us on is valuable. Be careful not to get so caught up in the destination that you think you should be going to that you miss the treasure He’s put right in front of you.

Get ready for one of the most amazing detours of you life...see you soon!

Anna Stephens