Eric Stelzer-2 Ayyyyy! I am super mega stoked for this upcoming year of EC and all of the memories that we will make together along the way!

EPIC Commission is going to be such a life changing experience for you. It will be a year of growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. But what you get out of this program will forever change your outlook on life and your relationship with the Lord. I am proud of you for taking the huge leap of faith to do EPIC Commission, and I am excited to see how God rewards you throughout this year for your actions. I promise that you will have a blast throughout the year, however, I need to warn you of one thing...

I can guarantee you that there will be many many times throughout this year that you will find yourself wide awake extremely late at night…like 3 AM late, studying last minute for your scripture test, or college exam, or panicking as you frantically try to come up with your student devo topic the night before, or even the morning of that you speak. These nights will happen more often than you might think. They can be stressful. They affect your mood and energy level the next day, and you will vow to yourself that never again will you procrastinate. And then it happens again…possibly the next month, week, or as soon as the next day. After my entire first year of EPIC Commission, I have not at all learned how to overcome procrastination…but I have learned to embrace it. Even at this moment, it is 11:30 PM and counting, this blog is due at midnight….in thirty minutes…I could choose to be stressed out right now, but that would totally ruin this moment. I am currently surrounded by friends, eating middle eastern food, laughing and telling  hilarious stories at a dinner table. This is what it’s all about though…the late nights in the house, where you know you have to study for your college exam the next day, and its already 2 AM, but you’re wrestling with your roommate, playing “would you rather”, or dumping gallons of ice water on Kyle Misak as you try to rip his shirt off (don't ask). Although it’s late at night, and you know what the “right” thing is to do, you choose to stay up late anyways; and that is when memories are made.

With that I can tell you that your first year of EC will be unforgettable. You will be sleep deprived the entire nine months, questioning your sanity on a daily basis, wondering how in the world you are going to make it through each and every day (btw, you learn to rely on the Lord here…and coffee). But in the end, you will never once wish that you went to bed early instead of hanging out with your friends, because the memories we will all make at two in the morning will be some of the things that we will talk and laugh about for the rest of our lives! And keep in mind…as Christian Paupore always says… “YOU CAN SLEEP WHEN YOU'RE DEAD!"

I'm pumped for this upcoming year, and I hope you are ready to make countless memories together as friends and family in EC! As for now, enjoy the rest of summer, stay excited & set your expectations high because we are about to have an unforgettable year!

Eric Stelzer