Elizabeth White-2 There will be many changes, differences, and growth you will see in your own life as you embark on this journey inside of EC. You will develop deep connections with your brothers and sisters in Christ. You will remember what it is like to be in relationship with the Father. You will notice the growth as you progress through the many days of prayer, scriptures, and bible classes. There will be many impartations, words of encouragement and wisdom, guidance and mentorship. As I get excited for all that you will experiences, the BIGGEST thing I would want someone to remind me of is to LOVE JESUS through it all. It will make your experience so much smoother. With it being a new transition of life, and a surrounding of great new people you will need to have the love of Jesus in your heart and in your mindset to adapt in the best way possible. Jesus is the reason for it all and if we can see things through His goggles we will be well off! Love Jesus, know Jesus, and bring Him with you through this entire journey.

God bless you.

I am excited for you!

Elizabeth White