Alex Doornbos There are honestly tons of different types of blogs I could write telling you how to grocery shop or how to clean a toilet or how to lose at water basketball, (but I'll just show you that later). What I feel I need to share is much more important than giving you any practical tools to make your EC life smoother.

I would like to share with you the very thing Andrew Bernard wished somebody had told him during the best times of his life. You see in the last season of The Office, after years of being filmed working with his best friends and working in the place that he loved the most, he stood talking about how much he loved those days. He shared how they were long gone and he was going to miss them, and he said this, "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

Well, I'm letting you know right now….You're in them. You’re either in EC or you're about to be. These are the days. These are the times you'll remember, you'll feel nostalgia over, and you'll wish you could be back in them.

I could've given you the practical ways to make EC a better experience for you, but you don't want that. See you're gonna miss all of the hardships.  You're gonna miss cleaning once a week. You're gonna miss involuntarily sharing your laundry soap. You're gonna miss being a little bitter with your housemates at times. You're gonna miss those (freaking stupid) speed bumps. You're gonna miss scripture tests. You're gonna miss curfew. Because with all those not so good things you'll enjoy and experience the best times of your lives. You'll miss house life. You'll miss the connections. You'll miss chilling in the pool. You'll miss jumping off the deck into snow. You'll miss house nights and brotherhood/sisterhood events and core groups. You'll miss the one on ones, the iron lunches, the long talks, hard laughs and all the prayers, compassion and the love from one another.

If I could give you one piece of advice I'd actually give you several and they would be something like this:

1) Be wherever you are at.

2) Make this time go as slow as possible.

3) Know every day that these are the good ol' days.


Alex Doornbos