Erika Miller As a first year EPIC Commission student, you not only learn how to grow in your relationship with Jesus, but you learn more about yourself and your future. The most important thing to remember while in EC is that PRIORITY is everything! You have to constantly ask yourself: "What am I really here for?"

As someone who already completed their first year of EC, it’s crazy to think how fast time flies. The most important thing I would take from my whole experience is the issue of priority and overall importance and dedication. What is most important and why are you in this program?

We’re all college age students who want the same thing in life, and that’s to grow more in our relationship with Jesus. But what really hit me this summer after finishing my first year is what fruit really comes from completing your first year with pure dedication and honest hard work and labor.

For all the incoming first year EC students, I just want to stress the importance of really taking EC to heart and not taking it for granted. We all have this amazing opportunity in our lives to know Jesus more and also expand our leadership skills. I cannot stress enough how important it is to crack down on putting your all, and I mean all, into your first year.

We’re all at the age where things can happen and stuff can get us down, but we cannot let distractions get to us. One thing I can say for sure is that distractions can hinder your spiritual growth in EC and when it does, you never get all that God has for you in the year. As someone who struggled a little through their first year, I can only say one thing, and that is to keep going and don’t let the enemy get control over you. The enemy isn’t happy at all about the decision you’ve made to join EC. He is going to try to distract you in every way possible, but keep your head high and remember to pray about anything and everything.

EC is the most amazing decision you could make and you’re going to sow some amazing seeds and, in return, reap some amazing fruit in your future. If you take the time to stay dedicated and really treat EC like a gem, you will not be disappointed. Even when the times get tough or you get a little distracted or off track, remember you have the Lord, and you have an amazing family of brothers and sisters to back you up.

It’s better late than never. It’s not only about growing in your relationship with Jesus, but think of it as so much more. You gain an amazing EC family that loves you, and an unforgettable brotherhood / sisterhood that will provide you with lifelong friendships. You not only grow spiritually, but physically and mentally. You learn more about yourself and who you are in Christ. You will end up gaining leadership skills and not only that, but you will have changed so much. EC first year really breaks down the walls and barriers, bringing you closer to others and bringing out your natural confidence. I have seen so many people grow and change in one year, and especially at the end of the whole two years.

When you really take the time to put EPIC Commission first and you don’t joke around, you will be changed by God. Even in the shortest period of time, God will mold you and shape you into something far greater than you could ever imagine. Who do you want to be? EC can mold you into that person. EC first year is the year to become in the likeness of Jesus Christ. You will leave and enter life, and hopefully 2nd year, feeling more mature and stronger in the Lord than you ever have before.

Be a world changer. There is no better time than now, and to my fellow EC family, I love you all. To all the incoming 1st year students, I am so proud of you in making this decision, and it’s a decision you will not regret. Just remember to stay strong and run forward with everything you’ve got. Pass all the distractions and make EC and your relationship with God the number one priority. When we really put Him first, we are rewarded. When we sow consistently, we reap consistently. Even when that means putting something aside and following Jesus, we do it because this is the season of life that we are in, and in this season of life we are glorifying Jesus. We can lay down the relationships with others, music, language, etc. for a short season in our life to grow spiritually and really blossom into this new creature that Christ has created us to be.

EC first year has changed my life and it will change yours too. Because in the end, there is nothing like family. There is no better time than now, and “avec lui et envoyé”. (you'll understand this soon!)

If you guys have any questions for any of the 2nd years or you would like to get a hold of me, please feel free! I would love to answer any questions you guys may have and to get to know you better! I can’t wait to see all you world changers when EC starts up again!

Love ya’ll. xoxo

Erika Miller