IMG_4099 Well...Ready or not, here it comes!

For many of you reading this blog post, your "it" is the EC journey that starts in less than 3 months! That is so exciting and yet at the same time, can be the scariest thing on earth! We realize that everyone has a mixed set of emotions as you prepare to enter into EC and that is totally normal. In a lot of ways it's like a game of Hide n' Seek.

HIDE N' SEEK Do you remember playing Hide n' Seek when you were little? Man, what a great game. It was such a simple way to pass the time with your friends, and yet at the same time, there were so many scenarios one could experience when playing the game. Let's quickly go back in time and remember all the hide n' seek profiles:

The Rogue Ranger: First, there is always the kid who would pay no attention to the rules or the boundary lines you all set, and instead, would climb to the top of the tallest tree, run to the next neighborhood, or straight up go home and play video games in their basement while they were "hiding." Point in case, you never found that kid, nor did you invite them to play with you the next time (not cool man).

The Confused Kid: Next, every great game of hide n' seek has  the "confused kid." You know, the one who loves the attention and jumps out of their hiding spot with that goofy smile on their face long before the seeker is even close to finding them and says, "Here I Am!" (someone needs to tell that kid that the goal of the game is to not be found).

The Giggler: Also, every classic game is not complete without the "giggler" who won't stop laughing the whole time they are hiding. (What's so funny're going to get caught?)

The Panicked & Unprepared: Finally, there are usually multiple "panicked & unprepared" kids. We have probably all been there before; the seeker finishes their count and yell those six heart stopping words, "Ready or Not, Here I Come!" At the sound of that voice little kid hearts start pounding, palms become sweaty, feet start moving, and even sometimes an uncontrolled "Noooo!" squeaks out. Those that are not ready panic and find the closest thing that resembles a hiding spot in fear of being caught (seriously, can we go play hide n' seek today? I don't care if I'm a full grown's so much fun).

With EC on the near horizon, many of you can probably relate to one of the hide n' seek profiles we just listed. For some of you, you might want to run as far away as you can and forget about it all.  Others of you may be a little confused and get that goofy smirk on your face when you think about EC (why am I doing EC again?). Others of you can't stop "laughing" because you are just so excited for your next season of life that God has for you. But if your honest, probably everyone is a little nervous and feels a little unprepared when you here the words, "Ready or not, here EC comes!" Again, all these emotions and thoughts are completely normal and happen every year as students prepare to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

WE WANT TO HELP We as an EC staff & Family want to help you navigate through this summer and transition smoothly into EC. You've probably heard it said that, "Preparation Time Is Never Wasted Time," and we are firm believers of that! So for the next 3 months there will be blog posts written by the incoming 2nd Year students to help prepare you both spiritually and practically for your transition into the EC Program this fall. I encourage you to read every one of their posts, because they have stood in your same shoes exactly a year ago, with the same emotions, fears and doubts, yet every one one of them made it through and were radically changed by Jesus!

Our prayer is that these forthcoming blog posts will be words in season for all of you, give you some behind the scenes insight, and help make EC one of the most fruitful seasons of your life!

Welcome to the Family!

Pastor Eric Giesow Director of EPIC Commission