Thursday Night Fun

The VLS family is all about growing together, making memories and having tons of fun! That’s why we have so many relational events built into the EC program. Every Thursday night, the VLS students have the opportunity to connect in a variety of ways. Here are a few of the events that are happening every Thursday night.

Kardia Groups

Once a month, VLS students hang out with their "Kardia Groups" which are mixed groups of first and second year guys and girls. Kardia Groups make a big program feel smaller and more personal. Student Kardia Groups become a "family" within the VLS family. Some past Kardia Group events have included sledding, carving pumpkins, bowling, camping, and even lazer tag!


House Parties

On the last Thursday of the month, VLS students host a house party with their apartment housemates. The 2nd Year VLS Resident Adviser determines the activity for the evening and it ranges from group coffee trips to movie nights, dinner downtown Kalamazoo, or just hanging out and playing volleyball at the park.


Family Nights

Once a month, the VLS students and VLS staff participate in an activity or event as a big family. Some of these family nights have included city-wide scavenger hunts, holiday celebrations, downriver tubing, bonfires, and more! This is a great touch point for students to relax as a family and interact with the staff members.