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Finding Peace in Sisterhood

Finding Peace in Sisterhood

I went up to Camp Geneva thinking that our sisterhood would be an easy bond that would form instantaneously.  We wouldn’t have to work at it, wouldn’t have to put anything into it.  It would be a bond built on our shared love for God and it wouldn’t need anything else.  

I was wrong.  Our bond is meant to be something more than a fun night we spend together once a month.  We’ll have fun times, I know we will.  Between sharing nicknames that should probably never be spoken in the presence of people again, and having to come up with songs simply inspired by one word, I think we had fun.  Or at least I did, and I hope everyone else did too.

We’ll have serious times, but hopefully not too many.  We’ll have a sisterhood that is built on the testimonies that we shared around a fire while in the background white capped waves crashed along the shore.  It will be a bond where we know we can share anything from our heart without fear of condemnation and persecution, but instead receive pure love and understanding that we aren’t perfect beings, that in God alone we are forgiven and made flawless.

But above all of this, above all the fun and love and talks we will have, our bond will be peace.  Peace was a resounding theme over our shared weekend.  Peace in the Lord, peace from all the noise of our normal lives, away from the worry of school and work and general life.  In the middle of a camp where the only sound we could hear was waves and the wind, where we could sing and proclaim Jesus was our center, we found a peace that is practically unobtainable in any other circumstance.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

Isaiah 55:12

Peace is something I think we all struggle with.  Our daily lives are so busy and filled with so many people, so many voices vying for our attention and our time, so much noise that we so easily lose sight of what is important in our life.  We lose sight of what is truly important and sometimes it takes a trip up north to a camp that is pretty much empty to find our peace again.

But we shouldn’t forget that our peace is in the Lord, and I am beginning to think that we’ll be able to find peace in our sisterhood too.  Our sisterhood nights won’t be focused solely on having fun and a great time, but we will be able to find peace in our bond and escape from the daily noise.

I believe that our sisterhood is built on our God, our Father, and our Father is the only true peace in this world.  And because our bond is built on Him, our bond is filled with His presence and his peace and every time we gather we will be filled with that peace, and any space we inhabit will be filled with it.

My prayer for this year is that we all find peace in our sisterhood, a peace so undescribable that all we will be able to do is smile in its presence.  And if I can confess one thing, it would be that I already feel complete and utter peace that my prayer will be fulfilled this year.  

If this past weekend was any indication of what our sisterhood this year will be like, I already have my answer.

Alexis Koperdak

1st Year Student Blogger