Welcome to the VLS family!!

We are so excited for you to be in the VLS family and begin your journey with us this Fall! We hope you're excited as we are, but we understand that you may be wondering "where do I even begin!?" Don't worry, we have a break down of everything you need to know about getting started in Valley Leadership School.

Weekly Schedule / Classes

The VLS Weekly Schedule gives you a birds-eye view of VLS on a weekly basis. This schedule will come in handy as you are registering for classes this Fall and as you are giving your employer your hours of availability! Remember, if you are a college track student, you are able to work as much as you want, but we usually do not encourage college-track students to work more than 10 hours/week for the first semester. 


Calendar of Events

This will give you a very brief glimpse of what the year will look like. Remember, VLS events and classes need to be a priority in this season, so please make work and travel plans around the events listed (like girl/guy retreat, UpClose, Mission Trips, etc). We encourage you to mark these dates in your calendar and start planning ahead! Also, it is good to note that during Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break we ask that all students move out of the apartments to be home with friends and family. 



One of our greatest resources to get you prepared for VLS are our students! We have student bloggers who post occasional blogs that can give you a glimpse into what to expect during VLS. These can range anywhere from helpful hints, managing time, missions trips, to what God is doing in their lives personally. Don't overlook these, as they can be helpful in seeing how God moves within the student body!


financial information

If you have any questions concerning your payments for Valley Leadership School, this page should help you. Remember that your VLS payments are separate from your college/university payments. And, your $1000 is due by Move-In Day. The best way to make payments is online.


VLS Contact Information

Here is some helpful contact information for this year! We are here to serve you, so please never hesitate to reach out to Valley Leadership School staff!


VLS Mission Trip Overview

Check out the link above for an overview of the two mission trips this year! More information about these two mission trips will be given to the students this Fall at a mission trip info session. Trip commitments and the first mission trip payment will be due in December.