Valley Leadership School is for the full-time college student - it was created to accommodate you in that way! We believe in the importance of students pursuing their college education, and have made our schedule in a way that is easy to take college classes. We also understand that some students are not in a college season, therefore VLS offers two different tracks to allow students to customize the program based on their season of life.

College Track
As part of your Valley Leadership School experience, you have the opportunity to continue your college education. About 80-90% of VLS students are full-time college students (12 credits or more per semester) at college of their choice (usually KVCC or WMU). These college classes are taken on Mondays and Wednesdays. If necessary, you can take online classes or classes on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday nights after 5pm, as long as your classes do not interfere with the VLS schedule. VLS students in the college track can pursue any degree that they desire at any college/university they desire.

Flex Track

As a VLS student in the flex track, you have the opportunity to either work full-time or experience an extended apprentice experience at the church. While pursuing a college degree is highly recommended, we recognize that some VLS students have already received their college degree, are in a transitional season between schools, need to work substantial hours to provide finances to live, or do not deem it necessary to have a college degree to pursue their future career. Students in the flex track are able to work or experience an extended apprentice experience as long these things do not interfere with the VLS weekly schedule.



Every week students get behind-the-scenes, hands-on ministry experience at Valley Family Church. It is a unique intern opportunity where students get experience in various areas of the church: creative arts, administration, student ministries, publications, production, and more!
VLS students intern under one department at the church each semester. Through Internships, students get a first-hand look at what it takes to do work with excellence. Students are involved with everything from planning for events, to being involved with meetings, thinking creatively, and strategizing on how to make ministry more effective! On top of the internship experience, students also volunteer on the weekends during main service. VLS students graduate with a resumé packed with intern experiences at one of the fastest growing churches in America!