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Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

When a new season of your life starts up, it is SO easy to get carried away with things, or begin to overindulge in things, whether that be new relationships, occupations/ workload, or even just everyday activities. It can become very difficult to constantly keep up with an entirely new load of responsibilities, and give your best to all of them. But I’ve come to realize how important it is to be intentional with your time; so often I’ve found myself with a little bit of free time, and immediately jumped on my phone, or started watching Netflix, when I could have been using that time to seek the Lord.

Luckily, I’ve gotten revelation of a great way to manage your time, make sure that you are being fully intentional, and spending equal, and quality time with each part of your life. Let me break this system down for you in a few simple steps.

1. Make a list of your priorities.

• I’ve found that if you go into a situation with your priorities already known, then deciding how much time to devote to those things becomes much easier, and much more obvious.

• Not just a mental list, I’m talking about a handwritten or typed list, because there is something about putting your thoughts into writing, that helps you stay true to your word.

• Make sure that time spent with God is at the top of this list.

2. Schedule things.

• As annoying as it can seem, this is incredibly helpful. Just as knowing your priorities before hand helps decision making easier and more obvious, writing out your plans helps you not to overbook yourself, and also helps you to stay true to your commitments.

• When scheduling plans for a week, make sure to have set times or days for these things:

A. Alone time with God.

       - Worship, Prayer, and getting into The Word.

B. Prior/ longstanding commitments.

       - Jobs, Internships, Classes, Dates, etc.

C. Time to rest & recharge.

       - Sleep, eat, repeat.

D. Time with friends/family/significant other

       - Make sure that you are distributing this time evenly, amongst all of your relationships.

3. Don’t overbook yourself.

• You must understand that you are only human, as much as you want to get done in a day or a week, there is a limit, and you need to define this limit, and make sure you don’t exceed it, so that you don’t burn yourself out. It is so easy to get consumed in hanging out with people or adventuring that we forget that we need time to rest, or time to recharge, both spiritually and physically.

4. Leave space for spontaneity.

• Organization and planning are so important, but at the same time, so is spontaneity, and adventure. Don’t get so caught up in planning ahead that you become a robot who freaks out at a simple change of plans.

• Life happens; indulge it. Don’t get so caught up in planning that you never act.

This system isn’t perfect, and changes will have to be made according to your circumstances, and season of life, but it is applicable no matter what. It will take some getting used to at first, but once you get in the groove of it, you will find that you are living a much less stressful life, and that all of your plans seem more meaningful. I hope you find as much light in this as I did, don’t forget that God is the foundation of an organized life, and his plans are much more important, and permanent than ours.

Much love,


Andrew Coryell

1st Year Student Blogger



EC Guys' Retreat

EC Guys' Retreat

Face paint, battle cries, and quality time with God.

EC Guys’ Retreat was so refreshing, we got to know each other on a deeper level by sharing our stories, carrying each other (literally,) seeking God, and a little friendly competition!

The entire atmosphere of Guys’ Retreat was amazing; we all rolled into Camp Geneva in high spirits, looking forward to a God filled weekend, and we all jumped right in. We played some old school playground games for hours, and feasted several times after playing many rounds of soccer and basketball. At the end of the first night, we all sat on the beach, surrounding a campfire, sharing our hearts, and admiring God’s beautiful creations around us. The sun was just setting, and we took a break to watch it go down. The sky was filled with bright, loving rays of golden light, and at that moment, I looked at the people surrounding me, all of the guys in EC, and I realized that these were my brothers, nothing less than that.

At the start of the weekend, not all of us were really connected to one another entirely, we all had smaller groups of close-knit friends, yes, but we weren’t an entirely strong brotherhood. There were guys in EC that I was only on a first name basis with, but by sharing our hearts, struggles, and dreams with each other, carrying each other to victory, and seeking God about sharpening each other, I came to be on a basis much more than just first name, I was on a family basis. I am so glad that we had this retreat to help all of us kick off our brotherhood and grow closer to each other!

Andrew Coryell

1st Year Student Blogger